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Wellness Consultation - Information Sheet

The Chemists by Nature Wellness Consultation is a comprehensive and practical Nutrition and Health assessment that utilizes a Symptom Survey, Nutrition Assessment, and one on one discussion to determine your current Health Status, Complaints, Symptoms, Goals, and Desires.  Using this information Chemists by Nature will work with you to design your personal plan of action that may involve Whole Food Supplements, Therapeutic Herbs, and Diet & Lifestyle Modification.  The objective of the Chemists by Nature Wellness Consultation is to determine the root cause of your symptoms/complaints, then provide your body with the Nutrients and other factors it needs to heal itself.  At Chemists by Nature we prefer to accomplish this over time, by starting slowly, prioritizing and focusing on key body systems. Meaningful results are easier to achieve using easy to follow practice recommendations.

Sample Timeline -

  1. Client agrees to engage with Chemists by Nature for a Wellness Consultation and pays the fee.
  2. Client completes the Chemists by Nature Intake Form and Symptom Survey
  3. Chemists by Nature Wellness/Functional Medicine Specialist reviews the Intake Form and Symptom Survey
  4. An initial Consult is scheduled.  The initial consult takes about 45 minutes as we work together to develop an initial Action Plan. Any Dietary Supplements will be purchased.  Wellness Consults may be In-Person or via HIPPA-compliant Video Telehealth Appointments.
  5. After following the Action Plan for 30 days the client will complete a second, updated, Symptom Survey and schedule at 30 to 45 day follow-up consult.
  6. The Second Consult will discuss the Symptom Survey and possible modification of the Action Plan. Supplements may be discontinued, adjusted or added. Follow-up consultations typically last 15 minutes and can be in-person or via HIPPA-compliant Video.
  7. After following the revised Action Plan for another 30 to 45 days the client will complete a third, updated, Symptom Survey and schedule a third consult.
  8. The Third Consult will review the Symptom Surveys and Action Plan and discuss modifications to the plan, adjustments to supplements, maintenance and future consultations.

Cost - $200 plus supplements.

Chemists By Nature, LLC has a trained Pharmacist on staff who has completed a Fellowship in
Anti-aging, Regenerative, and Functional Medicine. Visit our Health & Wellness Center or
phone to Schedule your Wellness or Nutrition Consultation today.

In addition to thorough and thoughtful Wellness & Nutrition Consults, our Health & Wellness
Center carrys only respected brands of Dietary Supplements, Herbal Supplements
(Therapeutic Herbs), and OTC Homeopathic medications.